Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New things :)

I was at Michael's recently and found a few things on clearance that I've been wanting for a while now. First up is the Making Memories Distressing kit. It has ink pads, stains, paints, files, sponge brushes, and an edge distressing tool. The sponge brushes are unusual in this kit. Instead of having a wooden handle there is a clip (that round green thing in the pic) that holds the sponge tips. The box is cardboard that can be altered. This kit was originally $29.99 on sale for $12.99.

Next up is the Making Memories Tool kit 2. I have the original tool kit but this one has more to it. Instead of a separate hole punch & setter there is one tool with interchangeable tips. There are scissors, a blade, dual tipped embosser/piercer, and mini mat that are not in the original kit. The only thing that I'm not real impressed with are the scissors. They're a little weak. Other than that I'm happy with this kit. The price on this kit is the same as the distressing kit. There is a pink kit too but it wasn't on sale. That's ok by is my favorite color :)

This last item is the reason I went to Michael's. It's the Dymo Caption Maker. I have been wanting this since I saw Tim Holtz use it on one of his Christmas tags. It has 3 interchangeable discs. There is an upper case, lower case, and lower case script. It uses the same labels as the original embosser. It comes with a little drawstring bag for storage but the embosser doesn't fit inside...only the discs. This was only $9.99 instead of the $24.99 online price.

I was really surprised to find these things. Usually the only scrapbooking clearance I see are empty pegs.

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