Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family crafting

My sister from Florida is in town again watching her grandchildren while their parents are away. She brought the kids over to visit. They love coming to my house because I have crafting stuff and video games :) The youngest (3 years old), Karyna, wanted to paint. Out came the watercolor crayons and canvas.
Hers is on the left and her brother ((almost 11 and a twin), Gaheris,  did the one on the right. The other twin, Corben, wanted to paint a birdhouse.
The colors should give you an idea of where we're from ;)
When I was showing the kids how to use the watercolor crayons I made this ATC.
I had brought out the Ranger Perfect pearls mists and sprayed the card. I really like the effect. I'm really happy with the demo ATC :)
I need to go to the craft store soon for more birdhouses and canvas. Maybe I'll pick up some boxes too.

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