Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Handmade Gifts

For the Hand-Made Christmas challenge at Susan K. Weckesser's blog I made wristers for my niece.
Last year I made myself a shawl with matching wristers. My sister kept saying it was an "old lady shawl". That was until she was in town and realized how warm it was. She wanted me to make her one! She now has her own "old lady shawl". The wristers I made were a big hit and that led me to making lots of them. I lost count on how many set I made. The one I didn't make though, was for my niece. When I saw this challenge I knew I had to make her wristers.

I used Lion Brand homespun yarn for the shawls and wristers. It sooooo soft and warm!

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  1. What a super idea, I'd love a pair of those. Well done. Thank you very much for joining the Christmas Love Campaign it's truly appreciated. xx


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