Friday, December 6, 2013

An artsy week

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a good week. 

My daughter is a Graphic Communication major and the art club she's in has been having fund raisers. They sold baked goods, ceramic mugs, artwork, cards......anything crafty. She asked if I could make some cards.

I made the up quickly using Unity rubber. That is the rubber between the actual stamps. I thought they would be more "artsy". They didn't sell so I have 4 more Christmas cards made. :)

She also made a few little watercolors. I made one too.

Here's one of hers:
I'm happy it didn't sell because now it's mine!
I think she sold these three. 

Well, that's all for now! Have an AWESOME WEEK!


  1. beautiful creations... love the watercolors with the stamping!

  2. Those watercolors are lovely!

  3. What a fun idea to use the rubber between the stamps! And your daughter's watercolor bird is amazing!
    Email me at julieodil at charter dot com and we'll connect about your prize.

  4. Beautiful work and the using scrap rubber looked very arty and different x

  5. So many crafty projects. Very cool art.

  6. These are all fabulous! the people who didn;t buy them are going to regret it:-)

  7. Wow, your daughter is so talented!! Love all the projects you've shown, they are gorgeous!!

  8. Great projects! Your daughter's watercoloring is beautiful! :)

  9. How creative is that? To use the rubber between the stamps....cute cards!


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