Sunday, February 15, 2015

PCC #86

Hi Everyone! 
Hoping you're all keeping warm. Today it is a balmy 6 degrees. We won't discuss the wind chill.

This week's inspiration is another heart:

For my card I was trying to go with the vintage look but that didn't really work out.
 I still like the way it turned out. The image from The Greeting Farm is so cute! I colored it in using my daughter's Prismacolor pencils.

I haven't done very much paper crafting lately. I have a intercostal muscle strain from the cold that I had a couple weeks ago. I spent most of my time crocheting this lion afghan in Tunisian crochet. I'm working on the cross stitching now.
Several years ago I made this afghan for my daughter using the same colors as in the book. Someone very close to me really wanted me to make her one. At the time she was using drugs. I told her if she would quit for 4 years I would make one for her. It took some time but she has been clean for a little over 4 years! I am so extremely proud of her!! I'm hoping finish it this week.

Have an AWESOME week and KEEP WARM!


  1. Love your vintage feel card and your crocheting. So happy to hear about your daughter's success! 4 years is phenomenal!! Congratulations to her!

  2. Yay for 4 years clean!! That's definitely worthy of an afghan! And I think your card is adorable. Reminds me of Betty Boop!


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