Sunday, February 7, 2016

A crafty week

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe I'm this late (for me anyway) getting the card I made for PaperCrafters Corner Magazine Monday Challenge #131. I'll show you what I've been doing after the challenge.

I do NOT like snow unless it's photo. SO I DO like this inspiration piece. 
I thought it would be simple.....watercolor a background and stamp the trees. Nope. it didn't stamp well in multiple colors. It took me 3 tries to stamp the trees. Here is the final result.

I had started a crocheted afghan that was made in squares that are stitched together. Each square took me a whole day to make. It called for 30 squares. It was not fun. Not at all. Mainly because it used a reverse single crochet which is done left to right. My hands did not like it. Why keep going if it's not relaxing and fun? So.....I started a new afghan for my daughter from another mother. Otherwise known as my daughter's best friend.

This will be the center. The border is something new for me in that it's done by itself and then stitched on to the center. My hands are much happier with this pattern. 

I've also been working on my project life type album.

When I first started scrapping this way I wanted all the journaling printed. As a result I wasn't getting far. Now I'm using my own handwriting and the pages are getting done. And that's whats important. I have 14 years that are mostly complete. One more year and I'm at the point where I got my first digital camera. Now a new nightmare starts. Getting all those photos PRINTED! 
One step at a time. One step at a time.

So there you have my crafty week. 
Have a great week! I'm going to crochet while hubby watches the game.....even though the STEELERS aren't playing. 

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  1. You have been busy and I love seeing all of your projects! Beautiful card and love your afghan! So warm and cuddly looking! Gorgeous! And so productive to also do a project life album! Great work!! Can't wait to see more!


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