Thursday, April 28, 2016

Taking a chance

Hi everyone!

Stephanie at PaperCrafters Corner has a very fun challenge going on inspired by Take A Chance Day. Who knew there was such a thing?

There are 3 rules to this challenge:

"You must use paper 
You must ‘take a chance’ – try something new to you, something you’ve never done before You must share the results in a comment here, regardless of how what you tried turns out"

I knew exactly what to do. Watercolor ATCs. A long time ago I bought a bottle of  Daler Rowney art masking fluid from Walmart. I had almost bought it several times and finally took it to the check out. Once I got it home the only times I touched the bottle was to move it. 
Today...I USED IT!

 I tried it with a Delta stencil

 I used it to cover a stamped image

I 'painted' some lines with it

I added it to my stamps and stamped with it too.

Once the fluid was dry (it only takes a minute or two) I started playing with the watercolors.

These are the finished ATCs. All the stamps are Unity.

What did I learn?
1. Care must be taken when using stencils if you want a clear image. 
2. If covering a stamped image make sure the ink is dark enough to see. I used light yellow. 
3. When painting with masking fluid don't expect precision. The fluid is like trying to paint with glue.
4. If using it on your stamps be careful about the design of the stamp. It can be hard to get the fluid out of small spaces. 

Although this experiment didn't work exactly as planned...well defined lines.....I still love the end result! 

So thanks Steph for the push!
 I really hope you play along.

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