Friday, May 6, 2016

PCC #143 Mother's Day

Hi Everyone!

This week's PaperCrafters Corner challenge is all about Mother's Day.

I wasn't going to make a card this week because it's about Mother's Day. My mom passed away almost 13 years ago. My mother in law, 24 years ago.  I don't have a mom to give it to. But I do have family members that still have their mommas. And, I can still wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day.

This card is inspired by the magazine cover but also by my Mom.

She would have loved this card. Red roses were her favorite. So Happy Mother's Day Mom! I miss you!

I'll be picking up one of my Mother's Day gifts tomorrow. My daughter. She's done with school and coming home!


  1. Lovely card, JP. Enjoy your daughter and Happy Mother's Day to you. :-)

  2. This card is so romantic and beautiful! Sorry to hear of your losses! I too made cards for others. Hope you had a wonderful weekend despite that. God bless!


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